Nutrition for Health

Nutrition is a cornerstone to the healthy and vibrant person you want to be.

In all of our research to develop the WMC Wellness & Fitness™ program, we kept coming up with the fact that the human body is an amazing machine that is designed to fix itself. Doctors and other practitioners in most instances help set or put the body into balance for the body to heal itself.

With that in mind, the better fuel we put into our body the better chance we give our body to heal itself and for us to be healthy.

Ava Waits is the founder of Parisian Picnics in Olympia, WA. She is our staff nutritional counselor. She has developed a CD with Ava’s Five A Day tips on how to be healthier through nutrition. This CD was developed for busy individuals, those who may travel and be away from home and those who wish to be healthier in general. We encourage you to look at the information to see it Ava’s program could help you and your family.

Here’s to your health.

John J Barker


Ava’s 5 A Day:  Quick Tips for Busy, Health Conscious People

With Ava Waits, Nutrition Mentor

Do you skip breakfast?  Are you sensitive to gluten or dairy, but aren’t sure what to eat if you decide to cut those foods out?  Do you rush in the morning, and at work?

If you find yourself making quick choices about what you eat, without giving much thought to how those foods will affect your body, consider making this new CD your own. I created this CD for busy and health conscious professionals who may not always have a lot of time to devote to taking care of their health concerns naturally.

Each track is only 8-10 minutes long. Listen to one track each day, and choose just one idea to implement. It’s quick and simple information. You’ll learn about healthy eating, step by step, in a way that won’t take extra time away from your responsibilities.

In this CD, you’ll get immediate ideas to help you:

~ Create breakfasts that include cooked or raw foods. There are several ideas for egg breakfasts, so that you can stay focused, full and grounded at work. The ideas for superfood smoothies are perfectly cooling for warm weather, and they assist with the flow of digestion. For some of my clients, the largest issue they had was creating a breakfast to support them. One woman was nearly fainting at work, until we switched her to a more substantial and filling breakfast.

~ Choose teas to use if you’d like to cut back on coffee, or cleanse your liver each morning.

~ Soothe joint pain and inflammation for free, without even adjusting your diet!

~ Pay attention to your bodily rhythms (this is especially great if you are having intestinal issues or sluggish digestion).

~ Satisfy your sweet tooth, without processed sugar or fake sweeteners that act as neurotoxins in your body.

~ Choose snacks that don’t have wheat or dairy (in case you have aching joints, rashes, and a constant runny nose).

~ Eat more chocolate. (Yes ~ I’m serious. It’s good for headaches, and many other health concerns.)

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