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Health Insurance 101 – Copay

Health Insurance 101 is a short series of monthly articles that explains the pieces of your health insurance. The goal is to help you better understand how your insurance works, and what kind of coverage you are paying for. To get the most out of these sessions, it’s advised that you have a copy of […]

Nutrition for Health

Nutrition is a cornerstone to the healthy and vibrant person you want to be. In all of our research to develop the WMC Wellness & Fitness™ program, we kept coming up with the fact that the human body is an amazing machine that is designed to fix itself.

Why the need for Alternative Health Care?

Health Care Reform Update   I just attended a training meeting with a local health insurance carrier. The discussion was heavy on the preparation for and ramifications of health care reform. Here are a few of the comments that came from that meeting.

Even Italians Are Going Gluten-Free!

  I was talking to one of my colleagues the other day, as I was daydreaming about spending time in Europe. I started listing my food sensitivities to him, and explained how I choose not to eat gluten or cow’s dairy, and how I’m severely allergic to red wine. He gasped, smiled, and said, “And […]

Chiropractic Care: Prevention & Wellness

  The integration of alternative medicine into conventional western medicine is quickly revolutionizing the landscape of the American healthcare system. Patients and providers are increasingly using alternative methods of care that do not rely on invasive procedures or long term use of pharmaceuticals.